Duplicate a record with Laravel

Sometimes you need to clone/duplicate database rows, for such Laravel provides a very handy function which is “replicate”. You can call this function on Eloquent model which makes a clone of an existing record.

Let’s take an example.

  1. Create a record:
use App\Models\Address;

$shipping = Address::create([
'type' => 'shipping',
'line_1' => '123 Example Street',
'city' => 'Victorville',
'state' => 'CA',
'postcode' => '90001',

2. Call the replicate method on same model:

$billing = $shipping->replicate();

3. Make changes if required and :

$billing->type = 'billing';

You can also exclude one or more attributes from being replicated to the new model, you may pass an array to the replicate method:

$billing = $shipping->replicate([
'state' => 'CA',
'postcode' => '90001',

That’s it :)

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